Grey Matter


Jessica Walker returns with fellow Trinity Laban musician Nathen Durasamy to present their collaborative choreography that interrogates the mainstays of the Mixed Race narrative - Serendipity UK, Leicester.

Whilst the origins of Grey Matter were in my 2016 piece Tick the Box (Mixed/Other), this adaptation really is a beast in its own right and confronts our concerns of binary categorisation and identity perception within the fluid social structures of our New Millennial Age.

Working with another Mixed Race artist, Nathen Durasamy, has been truly reassuring and comforting; not that I feel more secure working in a collaborative setting, but in a way that our shared experiences have allowed us to unite. After many hours laughing at micro-aggressions over coffee and choreographic task-ing in the studio, we have created a piece of work that speaks not only to us and those of Mixed Race narrative but also to those outside of this bizarre and problematising societal demographic.